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Add a touch of elegance to your outfit with these Zephyr drop earrings. Crafted with beautiful aquamarine gemstones, real flowers, and resin, these earrings will make you feel so pretty!

when i created this piece, i wanted it to represent the rainfall before a bloom of flowers occurs. the drop style with the aquamarine stone all the way down to the flower perfectly reflects that idea and picture i had in my head, so I’m incredibly happy with how this turned out!!

also! in Greek mythology, Zephyrus was a wind god who often spoke of “spring’s return and its beautiful abundance” (Google), so i thought it was a great way to represent this piece! zephyr is more commonly known to be defined as “a gentle breeze”, which felt perfect for this drop style earring, as you notice the finer details of it when the wind blows past you hehehehe

anyway lots of layers to this designs, and i hope y’all love it as much as i do! it will be available in a silver round, gold round, and gold hammered round version! my favorite has to be the hammered bezel, as it balances both daintiness and uniqueness all at once!

For transparency and context into why my gold hammered bezels are priced higher, it is because it takes longer to create each charm and requires more intricacy in comparison to simple bezels! 

As everything is made by hand, your piece may not look exactly like what is pictured, but I will do my absolute best to make it as similar as possible!

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