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azure & tian, bracelets

azure & tian, bracelets

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i am so excited to release a black version of my ceramic bracelets & of course, my new design, azure. “azure” essentially means “bright blue in color, like a cloudless sky,” which felt like a perfect way to begin concluding my April showers collection :’) from the rain comes the sun and a bright blue sky hehehe.

i am so in love with both of these designs, and azure includes two aquamarine stones as well!

tian is made of ceramic & stainless steel

azure is made of stainless steel, resin, real flowers, aquamarine, acrylics, and a metal alloy


so with that, i just want to talk about how excited both my mom & my grandma were when i asked if they’d be willing to be a part of my collection hehehe. i know how rare it is to have immigrant parents/grandparents who express how much they love and support you, and i genuinely feel so so blessed to have that. it definitely wasn’t something that happened right away, but the fact that they’re so proud of a non traditional route and of my art feels like the greatest gift i could have ever asked for😭 now i am sobbing HAHA😭 just feeling very grateful for them this season :’) anyway, here are a few photos of them rocking my pieces eheheh


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